Network, your next big storage problem!


Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

A few days ago I had an interesting chat with Andy Warfield at Coho Data and the topic of Network/Storage relationship came up several times. (Quick disclaimer: I’m currently doing some work for Coho)

In a couple of my latest articles (here and here) I talked about why many large IT organizations prefer PODs to other topologies for their datacenters but I totally forgot to talk about networking (I also have to admit that networking is not my field at all). So, this article could be the right follow-up for those posts.

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IBM to end NetApp sales in May

Good Post by Robin Harris (thank you) – the “rumor” that most of the NetApp boxes where sold IBM internal is IMHO not a rumor.

IBM is suddenly ending sales of NetApp products this month to focus on pushing its own stumbling products. Who is the bigger loser — IBM, or NetApp?

According to a Bloomberg report, IBM is ending its nine-year OEM relationship with NetApp this month. The goal: higher sales of IBM’s own internally developed products.

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Global Mirror Relationships Must Be Stopped When Upgrading to V7.2.0 – IBM SAN Volume Controller


Technote (troubleshooting)


Restrictions apply for Global Mirror when upgrading from V7.1.0 or earlier to V7.2.0.

Resolving the problem

Before upgrading a system to V7.2.0 any Global Mirror relationships that have their secondary volume on the system that is being upgraded must be stopped. These relationships can be restarted after the upgrade has completed.

This restriction does not affect Metro Mirror or Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships (cycling mode set to multi), which can continue to operate while the upgrade is in progress.

The software upgrade test utility can be used to check that Global Mirror relationships have been stopped before starting a software upgrade to V7.2.0.

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Upgrading the system
Software Upgrade Test Utility

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