What if you could release 4TB of storage in every 10TB with no business impact?

Good post by Andrew Dickerson (thank you)

What a waste of space!

If you’re responsible for data storage, you already know that storing and managing more than 30% annual data growth is eating up your budget faster than just about anything else in IT. In fact, industry analysts estimate that anything between 25% and 40% of the total IT budget will be spent on storage in 2014.

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5 advantages HP StoreOnce Backup brings to cloud service providers

Post by Srikanth Venkata Seshu (thank you)

In my last post, I talked about what every cloud service provider needs to know about BaaS. I showed how BaaS offerings can be structured and some of the key considerations for cloud service providers looking to add BaaS to their portfolios. Now I’m going to continue where I left off by talking about HP’s Cloud Backup Service Ready Solution, based on HP StoreOnce Backup.

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HP StoreOnce VSA: Software-defined data protection for your virtualized environments



Post by Ashwin Shetty (thank you)

I’m excited about VMworld next week, especially given the way software-defined storage is changing the way organizations implement storage technology. Since we are so close to VMworld, let me focus specifically on data protection—and give you a bit more information on some of the things you can expect to see and hear from us at the big VMware event this week in San Francisco.

The exponential growth of data has forced your organization to look for cost-effective data protection solutions for your virtualized environments whether in the data center or in small and remote offices. Most vendors provide data deduplication solution that requires dedicated storage hardware. This isn’t always a cost-effective solution for remote/virtualized environments. To address this issue while providing greater flexibility, HP has extended the StoreOnce family to provide a software-defined backup solution: HP StoreOnce VSA.

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Let’s pop the hood on an HP StoreEver LTO-6 Tape Drive

Post by Mark Fleischhauer (thank you)

Whether it’s a classic car, a racecar or your everyday passenger vehicle, you always want to know what’s under the hood. You want to know its top speed, its fuel economy, or perhaps information about its advanced safety features. Just like our new modern cars, the HP StoreEver LTO tape drive has continued to make technological advancements with greater speed, better efficiency, more capacity, and advanced features to address growing user demands with big data that needs agility, performance and capacity.

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Snapshots: Your first line of defense for data protection and accelerated recovery

Post by Srikanth Venkataseshu (thank you)

Leveraging the power of HP 3PAR Virtual Copy (snapshots) for accelerated recovery

In one of my earlier blogs, I discussed the need for your data protection strategy to be aligned with business priorities. In the same post I also talked about snapshots as the starting point of the data protection lifecycle. Here, I want to elaborate on that and discuss the integration of HP 3PAR Virtual Copy Software (aka snapshots) with a variety of backup ISV ecosystem partner solutions.

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Demand global deduplication for disk-based backup

Post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

Last week, I did a blog post about all-flash, one of the big topics we see. This week I want to hit an old topic that still is relevant because of the innovation in the industry: disk-based backup.

Just before HP Discover, I saw an article in The Register where an EMC Data Domain executive was asked “Why has EMC never provided global deduplication across Data Domain boxes?” The answer was, well shocking: “To date, we’ve not seen a need”.

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New ShortTakes on StoreOnce and HP 3PAR AFA

Good Post by Calvin Zito (thank you)

I am back from what has been the longest vacation I’ve ever taken – almost 4 weeks.  While I did have three work events I attended in Europe, my time in Europe was pretty much all vacation.  I did post a blog from Germany about half way into the trip so check that out.

I took over 1300 pictures.  And no, I wouldn’t make you look at all of them (though many are amazing) but Google Plus has this very cool picture diary it created from the pictures I took with my SmartPhone.  I thought this was cool because all I had to do was add a few captions and remove a few pictures I thought weren’t the best so if you want to see what I did, click on the link. But now, it’s time for me to get to work.

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HP StoreOnce VSA – An introduction

Good Post by Patrick Terlisten (thank you)

A side effect of data growth is the growth of the amount of data that must be backed up. The path of least resistance is buying more disks and/ or tapes. Another possible solution is data deplucation. With data deduplication you can’t reduce the amount of data that must be backed up, but you can reduce the amount of data that must be stored. HP StoreOnce Backup is HPs solution to address this problem.

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