Object storage: why, when, where… and but.

Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

In one of my latest posts I wrote about private object storage not being for everyone… especially if you don’t have the size that makes it viable… But, on the other hand we are all piling up boatloads of data and users need to access it from many different locations, applications and devices at anytime.

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Enterprise File Sync and Share: Issues and Vendors

Post by Christine Taylor (thank you)

“File sync and share” is shorthand for sharing files among multiple users and devices, and synchronizing the shared files to retain file integrity. The process is very familiar to most users as a consumer-level file sharing application, typified by vendors like Dropbox.

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Don’t Let File Sync and Share Sink Your Business

Good post by Colm Keegan (thank you)

Data “leakage” is becoming an increasing problem for businesses today given the widespread use of consumer grade file sync and share services. To maximize their productivity, many users will sync their file data across their laptop, tablet, smartphone and home desktop computers using these cloud file sync and share applications.

IT organizations have neither insight nor control over any of this information. In addition, many of these services don’t employ stringent security access protocols; users simply provide login credentials to gain access to their accounts. This can potentially result in sensitive business data being exposed to unauthorized users or compromised by hackers.

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Beyond NAS (again)


Good post by Enrico Signoretti (grazie)

I recently wrote a lot about Object StorageNAS and sync&sharegateways (and I should probably stop doing it, before this blog becomes mono thematic). I strongly believe in Object storage and I think that, in the long term, it can be the solution to correctly manage the huge amounts of data created every day by users. In the mean time we have to give immediate answers to the users while keeping with feet on the ground…

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