Not all Snapshots are the same

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

In an upcoming webinar, Storage Switzerland will make the case for using snapshots as a primary component of data protection. For this strategy to work several things are needed from the storage infrastructure. First, it must be able to keep an almost unlimited number of snapshots; second, it needs to have a replication process that can transfer those snapshot deltas (the changed blocks of data) to a safe place; and third, the entire storage infrastructure has to be very cost effective. In this column we will look at that first requirement, the ability to create and store a large amount of snapshots without impacting performance.

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Microsoft’s Scale-Out File Server Overcomes SAN Cloud Barriers

Good post by Paul Schnackenburg (thank you)

There are no SANs in the cloud because the venerable storage technology just doesn’t scale to that level. But there are ways around it, and Microsoft shops should start with the company’s Scale-Out File Server.

There’s a revolution going on in storage. Once the domain of boring but dependable storage-area network (SAN) arrays, there’s now a plethora of choice, including all flash storage (with varying different underlying technology) and server-message block (SMB)-based storage.

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Stop wasting your Storage Controller CPU cycles

Post by Frank Denneman (thank you)

Typically when dealing with storage performance problems, the first questions asked are what type of disks? What speed? what protocol? However your problem might be in the first port of call of your storage array, the storage controller!

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From SSD to the All-Flash Array

Post by Artur Cole (thank you)

From the moment the first enterprise-class Flash device hit the channel, it was obvious the technology would have a dramatic impact on professional storage environments. But while so far the name of the game has been mainly swapping out short-stroked hard disk drives with more nimble SSDs, the market has taken a distinct turn toward all-Flash arrays as of late.

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Tiering in All-flash Arrays


Good Post by Nigel Poulton (thank you)

Last week, as part of a quick post I scribbled about Pure Storage, I asked the question – Are they still innovating?

Fair question I thought – after all, not a lot has changed in their product over the last ~2 years. But then I struggled to think of areas where they could realistically still innovate.

At first, I struggled….

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Moving On From Storage Tiering

Post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

One of the subjects that was raised again at last week’s  A3 IT Question Time in London was that of storage tiering.  To recap, the concept is pretty straightforward; you install storage within an array or architecture that has multiple levels of performance and data is placed on the appropriate tier based on its performance requirements.

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Deduplication for Flash / SSD & Tiering

Good post by the Storage Alchemist (thank you)

As a part of being a storage evangelist, I spend a lot of time educating sales as well as customers on the merits of our capabilities and technologies.  Every since IBM acquired TMS I have been hearing from our sales reps that it can be difficult to compete as others in the industry have capabilities in their flash solutions such as data deduplication.

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AWS storage gateway adds local volumes, tiering

Good post by Simon Sharwood (thank you)

Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Storage Gateway has added another feature that will raise eyebrows among storage hardware vendors: tiering.

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