NVMe fabric flash and deduping VSAN lead

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Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you)over at El Reg

EMC has new storage products coming in both external shared array form and in its converged and hyper-converged systems lines of products, using new VSAN capabilities.

These will be announced over the next two quarters and will change the shape of EMC’s product lines. We think we now have an overall view of what the mainstream product lines will look like.

This information comes from EMC’s latest quarterly results earnings call, from various sources, and from blogs by EMC VCE president Chad Sakac.

The background includes the point that VMware’s VSAN/EVO:RAIL/EMC VSPEX Blue products have not apparently been successful, hence the need for a revamp of the core VSAN software.

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Where VSAN doesn’t shine: Sources explain EMC’s ScaleIO purpose

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you)

EMC introduced its scale-out ScaleIO Node virtual SAN a couple of weeks ago, with hybrid flash-disk and all-flash server chassises. It overlaps as a product with EMC-owned VMware’s VSAN, and therefore EMC’s EVO:RAIL implementation of that, and also competes with scale-out all-flash arrays.

Discussions with sources have clarified EMC’s thinking on the topic, and showed that the overlap is less than originally thought.

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EMC Redefine Possible – Analyst Breakfast & Executive Q&A (Good event summary)

Post by Andrew Miller (thank you)

Summary – this ended up being a good summary of the highlights of the keynote later in the day – see my live blog post for details on that (not just text…lots of picture there too). I always like hearing what executives choose to focus on and how they say it when only have 2-3 minutes to summarize a huge amount of items.

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Converged, Hyper-Converged, Hypervisor-Converged

Good Post by Chuck Hollis (thank you)

Complexity is the perpetual bane of enterprise IT groups everywhere.

The individual infrastructure components are straightforward enough when considered individually; getting everything to interoperate smoothly is far more burdensome.

As hardware prices fall — and IT capacity balloons — the focus has clearly shifted to improved operational efficiency: doing more/faster/better but without adding more people.   “Simple” is the new killer app in enterprise IT infrastructure.

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EMC’s Version of the Future of IT

Post by David Hill (thank you)

Conferences and trade shows are typically oriented around a theme. EMC kept it very simple at EMC World 2014 with the simple word: “Redefine.” Now, a theme provides a mental handle for attendees to keep everything in context but it also focuses the alignment of the thinking of presenters and others. “Redefine” also calls to attention the challenges that EMC feels that the IT world needs to meet.

Jeremy Burton, president of EMC’s Information Infrastructure products group, pointed out that “Third Platform” applications will redefine business in every industry, redefine infrastructure in every IT department and redefine storage. The conference put meat on the bones of those statements with announcements that included the acquisition of a rack-scale flash storage start-up DSSD, greater detail on EMC’s software defined storage strategy and a new Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) appliance.

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Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence

Good Post by Keith Townsend (thank you)

Convergence is aiming to change the data center with the promise of simplifying overall IT operations. We’ve seen tightly engineered solutions from VMware, Cisco and EMC in the form of vBlocks from VCE. More recently we’ve seen hyper-converged systems from the likes of Scale Computing and Nutanix. The appeal of these systems from a CIO perspective is the reduction of operating expenses related to the virtualization and storage administrator roles.

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