NVMe fabric flash and deduping VSAN lead

The Future Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you)over at El Reg

EMC has new storage products coming in both external shared array form and in its converged and hyper-converged systems lines of products, using new VSAN capabilities.

These will be announced over the next two quarters and will change the shape of EMC’s product lines. We think we now have an overall view of what the mainstream product lines will look like.

This information comes from EMC’s latest quarterly results earnings call, from various sources, and from blogs by EMC VCE president Chad Sakac.

The background includes the point that VMware’s VSAN/EVO:RAIL/EMC VSPEX Blue products have not apparently been successful, hence the need for a revamp of the core VSAN software.

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Purely Observations on Dell / EMC Deal

Post by Scott Dietzen (thank you)

Big news out of Round Rock, Texas and Hopkinton, Massachusetts yesterday: Dell and EMC have signed a definitive agreement under which Dell, together with Michael Dell, MSD Partners and Silver Lake, will acquire EMC. We want to share our insights on this news, and explain what it means for the storage market.

Pure Storage both cooperates and competes with both companies. Many of our customers also run Dell servers and VMware software, but we of course compete with both EMC and Dell storage. Our thoughts:

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Pure vs EMC: who’s winning?

Good post by Robin Harris (thank you)

Forbes contributor and analyst Peter Cohan writes on seemingly conflicting stories coming from Pure and EMC. Let’s unpack the dueling narratives.

Does Pure win 70% vs EMC or does EMC win 95% vs Pure? The metrics:

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New Generation Storage Arrays

Post by Harsha Hosur (thank you)

I recently read a blog by Josh Odgers about the the requirement for hardware support specifically availability of the storage controllers or lack thereof (link:http://www.joshodgers.com/2014/10/31/hardware-support-contracts-why-24×7-4-hour-onsite-should-no-longer-be-required/). So I wanted to share my experience with storage controller availability and how modern storage systems provide availability as well as performance. I have used examples of system I have worked on extensively (XtremIO) and also other vendor technology that I read up on (EMC VMAX and Solidfire).

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Under the Covers of EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Post by Muhammad Anwar (thank you)

A few years ago when Cloud terminology emerged, the technology behind it was in its infancy and there was a lot of debate on private cloud vs. public cloud. Private Cloud offered a dedicated, secure, fixed cost, and unmetered bandwidth model which enabled IT to quickly respond to the business needs. Public Clouds, on the other hand were quite the opposite with shared, open, pay-per-use model. This means that the cost of Public Clouds is variable and it is directly linked to usage. High traffic on CPU, storage, and bandwidth resulted in a higher cost to the enterprise. Last year, enterprises were struggling between making a decision to go with “Private Cloud OR Public Cloud,” but if you are looking for best-in-class of the two models, the decision is simple, “Private Cloud AND Public Cloud,” which is now known as HYBRID Cloud. Before I make this assertion, let’s look at the numbers.

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Federation fracture: EMC’s post-Tucci future is either SALE or SPLIT

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Winter has come early for EMC, with hordes of barbarian activist investors pounding at the gates as CEO Joe Tucci’s long reign comes to an end. Snowdrifts are building up against the boardroom’s windows, blotting out the C-suite’s previous sunny vista.

One immediate example of EMC’s fortunes changing is the reported collapse of merger talks with HP and a potential strategic deal with Dell.

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EMC ProtectPoint Demo (VMAX,DataDomain)

This demo shows how EMC ProtectPoint provides optimized data protection with the performance of snapshots and the functionality of backups.


Post by Robin Harris (thank you)

Tired of Fibre Channel? Bored with Ethernet? Infiniband not enough? EMC has a new idea: a PCIe SAN. PCIe is part of their DSSD plan. A good question is: will customers buy it? A better question is: what is EMC talking about?

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Chop Their Fingers Off!

Good post by Martin Glassborow (thank you)

This is a very good piece on FAST-VP on VMAX, well-written and some good advice in it but it sums up almost everything that is wrong with VMAX today.

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EMC has re-org and combines VMAX and VNX divisions

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

EMC has re-organised itself internally with a momentous change: the high-end VMAX block array and mid-range unified file and block storage VNX array businesses are being combined in a single organisation run by VMAX king Brian Gallager.

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