The paradigm shift in enterprise computing 10 years from now.

Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

The way businesses arrange their IT infrastructure is based based upon 3 things: Compute, Networks and Storage. Two of these have had a remarkable shift in the way they operate over the last decade. The keyword here was virtualization. Both Compute and Networking have been torn apart and put together in a totally different way we were used to from the 70 to the early 2000’s.

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Software-Defined cloud (object) storage ?

Good Post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

Well, the title is a somewhat strong (and full of buzzwords) maybe, but it’s just a way to get your attention… and I have to admit that finding a title for this post wasn’t easy.

Lately I’ve been working with various Object Storage vendors, and I’ve collected some interesting information about what you can expect from object storage solutions in the near future (some of which are already available) and what it will mean for your enterprise hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

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Looking back: Software Defined Storage…

Good Post by Duncan Epping (thank you)

Over a year ago I wrote an article (multiple actually) about Software Defined Storage, VSAs and different types of solutions and how flash impacts the world. One of the articles contained a diagram and I would like to pull that up for this article. The diagram below is what I used to explain how I see a potential software defined storage solution. Of course I am severely biased as a VMware employee, and I fully understand there are various scenarios here.

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Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence

Good Post by Keith Townsend (thank you)

Convergence is aiming to change the data center with the promise of simplifying overall IT operations. We’ve seen tightly engineered solutions from VMware, Cisco and EMC in the form of vBlocks from VCE. More recently we’ve seen hyper-converged systems from the likes of Scale Computing and Nutanix. The appeal of these systems from a CIO perspective is the reduction of operating expenses related to the virtualization and storage administrator roles.

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Three Ways To Improve Software Defined Storage

Post by George Crump (thank you)

Hyper-converged Storage may be the purest form of the software defined storage (SDS) concept, as it runs storage services as a virtual machine within the customer infrastructure. This new take on storage architectures collapses the traditional compute, storage and networking layers in the data center into a single layer.

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How Will Storage Controller Technology Evolve in 2014?


Post by George Crump (thank you)

One of the top read articles on StorageSwiss is, “What is a Storage Controller?“. As we discussed in that article, a storage controller is the compute power in a storage system and is responsible for delivering basic functions like concatenating disks into volumes, RAID data protection and moving data through the system.

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IBM PowerVC 1.2 Overview

IBM Power Virtualization Center (PowerVC) is the new advanced virtualization management offering, built on OpenStack, that delivers simplified virtualization management for IBM POWER® Systems. PowerVC and the leverage of OpenStack technology are designed to enable IBM Power Systems™ servers to integrate into a Software Defined Environment (SDE) and provide the necessary foundation required for the delivery of Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) within the Cloud.  IBM PowerVC is simple to install, configure and use, with a Time to Value of less than an hour. Being based on OpenStack enables broad support for vendor devices and open APIs that accelerate integration into existing infrastructures.

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A closer look at EMC ViPR

Post by Cormac Hogan (thank you)

I’ve been presenting at a number of conferences over the past number of weeks/months, both internal and external. While a lot of my sessions have focused around Virtual SAN (VSAN), I got a number of questions around whether or not the new Software Defined Storage product from EMC, ViPR, competes with or complements Virtual SAN.

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Software Defined – As Usual, We’re Focused On The Wrong Thing First

Very good Post from Steve Duplessie (thank you) – Steve brings it to the point here about the hype around Software Defined <younameit>

Software defined everything.  SFE.  The latest craze in marketing mayhem.

There, of course, is some legitimacy to the phrase – but doesn’t software already “define” everything in our IT world?  Doesn’t software provide the execution sets that tell our “stuff” what we want it to do?  Therefore, isn’t everything really already software defined in many ways?

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Understanding Software Defined Networking

Good post by John Dix (thank you)

If you aren’t intimately familiar with Software Defined Networking, don’t fret. Only 10% of 450 IT practitioners at a recent Network World event raised their hands when asked if they understand SDN. But if the emerging technology lives up to its promise to redefine networking as we know it, there is no time like the present to dig in and learn more.

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