Hyper-Convergence And All Flash On The Way

Post by Howard Marks (thank you)

Will a combination of the two shiniest technologies in the storage business make a match like champagne and caviar, or will it create a system looking more like a chocolate-covered pickle?

A few of my fellow storage pundits have lately taken to predicting the arrival of the all-flash hyper-converged system.

At VMworld this year, Micron was demonstrating an all-flash VSAN cluster. The company crammed a pair of Dell R610 servers with 12 core processors, 768 GB of RAM and two tiers of SSDs, a pair of 1.4 TB P420 PCIe cards to hold VSAN’s read and write caches, and 10 960 GB M500s as the “bulk storage” tier. And while some technologies —  like flash and data deduplication — go together like champagne and caviar, an all-flash hyper-converged system looks more like a chocolate-covered pickle to me.

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Top five stupid storage technology ideas

Good post by Jon Toigo (thank you)

Talk show host David Letterman may be well on the road to retirement, but we can still credit (blame?) him for all those idiotic Top 10 articles and presentations that seem to dominate the field of technology journalism these days.

From the look of things, the solution to any IT problem can be neatly distilled into 10 convenient observations or fixes — fewer if the publication has word count constraints.

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Free Disk? No Thanks

Good post by George Crump (thank you)

This morning I am flying to New York City to attend Fujifilm’s 6th Annual Global IT Executive Summit. The theme of this year’s event is, “into Tomorrow with Tape Technology, Preserving and Protecting Critical Data”. This is a data protection event grounded in the reality. Tape is not dead, it is alive and has a bright future. Data centers that ignore tape technology do so at their own peril.

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VMware Virtual SAN: Performance with Microsoft Exchange Server

Post by Rawlinson Rivera (thank you)

As we continue to showcase the value and capabilities of Virtual SAN, I believe it is crucial to provide access to the information VMware’s performance engineering team has gathered around business critical applications and their respective performance benchmarks.

This white paper focuses on Microsoft Exchange Server performance on VMware Virtual SAN. Microsoft Exchange Server is a commonly found email server and is considered a business-critical application by many organizations.

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The promise of next-generation WAN optimization

Good post by Enrico Signoretti (thank you)

Bandwidth, throughput, and latency aren’t issues when you are within the boundaries of a data center, but things drastically change when you have to move data over a distance. Applications are designed to process data and provide results as fast as possible, because users and business processes now require instant access to resources of all kinds. This is not easy to accomplish when data is physically far from where it is needed.

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The future of tape looks bright with the promise of 120TB of storage on a single LTO tape

Post by Laura Loredo (thank you)

Why is today a great day for tape users in general and LTO technology in particular? Because the LTO Program announced the extension of the technology roadmap to 10 generations. This increases capacity expectations to 120 TB per cartridge.

The roadmap has always been one of the key foundations of the success of the LTO Technology, which now has an installed base of 4.7 million LTO tape drives and over 250 million LTO cartridges.

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Why Have VVOLs Taken So Long to Deliver?

Post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

Another VMworld has come and gone and still we haven’t seen the production deployment of VVOLs.  Just to recap, VVOLs are the evolution of the packaging of virtual machines that currently reside in data stores.  The main benefit is to be able to apply storage performance and availability policies to a VM object rather than an entire datastore as we do today. Although we’ve seen demonstrations of VVOLs for some time, VVOL code has not yet made it into a GA vSphere launch.  Presumably this will change with the release of vSphere 6.0 sometime next year.

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You know what Cisco needs? A server SAN strategy

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Cisco has no SAN/filer legacy to escape from and, in a storage world where the hyper-converged server/storage/networking system is only getting trendier, it has a major opportunity on its hands.

Consider the mainstream storage vendors – Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HDS, HP, IBM and NetApp – their storage product line heartland is the shared, networked array.

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Is the all-flash data centre just a tantalising dream?

Post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

An all-flash data centre? It’s an intriguing idea. The hardware and software components may be there, but what about the business case, including the overall price/performance and total cost of ownership?

Yes, such a data centre will be free of power-gobbling and rack space-consuming spinning disk enclosures, bringing consequent savings in cooling, but storing data bits in NAND costs more than writing them onto disk-platter recording media.

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Can your Backup Design handle Veeam?

Post by George Crump (thank you)

Veeam and data protection applications like it, arm data protection professionals with a new set of capabilities that they didn’t have access to in the past. So powerful are these capabilities that they can justify the acceleration to a 100% virtualized infrastructure. But these new features place new demands on the data protection infrastructure and IT Planners need to re-think their backup architectures.

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