More Money for the Hyper-Converged Market

Good post by Chris M Evans (thank you)

This month, SimpliVity Corporation ( announced a Series D round of financing, raising an additional $175m for a total valuation of $1bn.  To date, the company has raised $276 million in four rounds (press release).  The money is to be used to fund company expansion, including a global roadshow event at which I will be presenting on behalf of Langton Blue (disclosure: SimpliVity will be a client of Langton Blue in May).  It is clear that hyper-convergence has struck a chord with customers, no doubt due to the sheer simplicity of the solutions.

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A quick introduction to Rubrik

I first encountered Rubrik at this year’s Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015 in San Francisco. They had some promotional flyers made up labeled “Backup Still Sucks”. I guess a lot of people can relate to that. I had a chat with Julia Lee, who used to be a storage product marketing manager here at VMware, but recently moved to Rubrik.

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The reverse wars – DAS vs NAS vs SAN

Post by Chin-Fah Heoh (thank you)

It has been quite an interesting 2 decades.

In the beginning (starting in the early to mid-90s), SAN (Storage Area Network) was the dominant architecture. DAS (Direct Attached Storage) was on the wane as the channel-like throughput of Fibre Channel protocol coupled by the million-device addressing of FC obliterated parallel SCSI, which was only able to handle 16 devices and throughput up to 80 (later on 160 and 320) MB/sec.

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Using RAID-5 Means the Sky is Falling!

Good post by Olin Coles (thank you)

Why disk URE rate does not guarantee rebuild failure.

Today’s appointment brought me out to a small but reliable business, where I’m finishing the hard drive upgrades for their cold storage backup system. It was an early morning drive into the city, with enough ice on the roads to contribute towards the more than 30,000 fatality accidents that occur each year1. The backup appliance I’m servicing has received 6TB desktop hard disks to replace an old set with a fraction of the capacity, so rebuilding the array has taken considerable time.

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Adaptive Optimization Design Considerations

Good post by the 3PARdude (thank you)

What is AO?

Adaptive Optimization (AO) is 3PAR’s disk tiering technology, which automatically moves the hottest most frequently accessed blocks to the fastest disks and at the same time moves the infrequently accessed cold blocks of data to slower disks. If you are from an EMC background AO is comparable to FAST VP, if you are from a NetApp background welcome to the brave new world of tiering.

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Qumulo emerges with data-aware scale-out NAS

Good post by Dave Raffo (thank you)

Isilon founding engineers launch Qumulo Core, software designed to manage scale-out NAS with real-time analytics.

Qumulo came out of stealth today with what it describes as data-aware scale-out NAS with real-time analytics built in.

Qumulo Core was developed by many of the same developers who created Isilon scale-out NAS. Qumulo founders Peter Godman, Aaron Passey and Neal Fachan were responsible for dozens of Isilon patents. EMC acquired Isilon for $2.25 billion in 2010.

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Flurry of new data storage technology can bring confusion

Post by Rich Castagna (thank you)

Confusion reigns in the storage world, as new data storage technology tries to find its place in the data center.

In a blizzard, it’s hard to see a single snowflake. And with the avalanche of new data storage technology that has swirled around data centers the past couple of years, it can be pretty tough to pick out that exemplary piece of engineering innovation and dexterity. They say no two snowflakes are alike (how “they” came to that conclusion, I’ll never know) and, similarly, this data storage maelstrom is marked by a staggering number of new products and product categories. In other words, it’s tough to figure out.

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HP reveals lucky seven new storage products in Vegas

Good post by Chris Mellor (thank you) over at El Reg

Pre-split and with a new head of storage starting HP has used its Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas to reveal a raft of storage announcements to maintain momentum while the new man gets his office chair warmed up.

Here we have a large systems supplier flexing its muscles and releasing a related set of storage items to put the competitive pressure of backup-to-disk, hybrid array and virtual SAN competitors

The theme is increasing the scalability and performance of products for the hotly-contested mid-size customer market, and it’s presented under a more-for-less umbrella.

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Upgrading to VMware Virtual SAN 6.0

Good post by Rawlinson Rivera (thank you)

Virtual SAN 6.0 introduced new changes to the structural components of its architecture. One of those changes is a new on-disk format which delivers better performance and capability enhancements. One of those new capabilities allows vSphere Admins to perform in-place rolling upgrades from Virtual SAN 5.5 to Virtual SAN 6.0 without introducing any application downtime.

Upgrading an existing Virtual SAN 5.5 cluster to Virtual SAN 6.0 is performed in multiple phases and it requires the re-formating of the of all of the magnetic disks that are being used in a Virtual SAN cluster. The upgrade is defined as a one-time procedure that is performed from RVC command line utility with a single command.

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Brocade Network Advisor Database access

Good post by Erwin van Londen (thank you)

So every now and then I get the question if it is possible to access the BNA database in order to get info which then can be used to fill an excel spreadsheet for reference purposes. The though process is that often BNA/Storage administrators don’t want server admins to fool around in BNA and accidentally make changes or configuration mistakes but in the same time be able to provide insight in the SAN from a install base and configuration perspective. Although there is nothing wrong with the intent of that thought the method is however very questionable.

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